How does it work?

Spray Tanning works in the way you add your skin dihydroxyacetone DHA, an active substance, via a Spray Gun or machine. DHA is a simple carbohydrate that is extracted from plant sources such as sugar cane and sugar beet. The carbohydrate is treated through a synthetic process that causes a natural chemical reaction with the amino acid residues, which is a part of the keratin protein present in the outer layer of the skin.

Spray Tanning has become the most popular way to get a natural color as you can tan complete without exposing your body to the dangerous UV rays.

Different amino acids react differently to DHA, which produces different dyes from yellow to brown. The resulting pigments are called melanoidia. These are similar to the color of melanin, the natural brown substance found in the deeper skin layers after UV exposure, leading to a delayed development of a natural browning effect. The result of the browning effect will depend on the strength of DHA contained in the product. The overall depth and intensity of the browning effect will depend on the consumers own natural melanin content and the thickness of the skin. Where the skin is thicker, elbows and knees for example, the intensity of browning effect is less. Likewise, as the skin is thin, the intensity will be higher.

To achieve the perfect result, remove the dead skin cells from your body before using the product. For this you use a Body Scrub Cream while showering. When used, the product will immediately appear on the skin surface and will continue to accelerate the next four to six hours. Therefore, it is important the following six hours after your treatment that you do not go to bed or start to sweat heavily. Usually, a treatment lasts somewhere between five to ten days and gradually decreases. Completely like if you’ve been south and do not maintain it when you get home.