Achieve a healthy, natural look, without harmful sunlight.

Our products are produced from natural ingredients. No types of parabens, synthetic or toxins that will damage your skin. The ultra fine atomized liquid is suitable for those with sensitive and delicate skin. The special nozzles provide a smooth uniform distribution of the fluid and provide a perfect result.

Natural color, moisturizing, instant bronze effect, and easy to add.

APPROVED BY THE Food and Drug Administration


We know that Aloe Vera is a great element in many skin care products and is usually used in Spray Tan as a moisturizer and binder. However, after a lengthy research and a number of tests, we have found that Aloe Vera and Spray Tan do not go hand in hand.
But why?
Aloe Vera, as we know it, gives the skin natural moisture and a sticky element. This aspect causes the skin a long time to dry, blocks the pores in the skin – causing a blockage to the DHA – which may cause the so-called ‘ORANGE SPOTS’.
Our products therefore do not contain Aloe Vera, but an oil-free moisturizer that dries quickly, which is not greasy and, most importantly, does not cause ”ORANGE SPOTS”.

In this way, we believe the consumer experience is a much more satisfactory treatment.

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