Spraytower ALL-IN-ONE

Automatic spray cabinet

The First-Tan Self-Tanning Machine is equipped with a touch screen on the outside where you enter your height before the treatment, which makes it spray perfectly without any overspray. You then choose the type of lotion you want and here you have three different options. Once you have chosen the type of lotion you want, the machine prepares the lotion so that you do not mix the different lotions. While this is done, clothing is removed and when the treatment is complete, it will be indicated on the display. Then enter the cabin, press start and follow the instructions shown on the inside screen, as well as listen to the voice guide. A typical treatment lasts 6 to 8 minutes.

  • ALL-IN-ONE has hot air drying the upper part of the body, so the customer is quickly dry and doesn’t have to move in various positions to dry. A screen and a voice guide inside the cabin demonstrates this during the treatment


  • It can run 3 different liquids on each container, giving signal on the display when running dry. It has capacity of approx. 30 treatments on 1 liter of liquid.
    Filling is easy and the customer can manually fill the liquid on all the three containers.


  • Regarding servicing, it can be remotely controlled via either a computer or smartphone and can be done from home. It only have one nozzle that is self-cleaning after each treatment. This nozzle drives around the customer and upside down so the customer should not have to position any different than what the guide says.


  • The machine is completely quiet when the compressor unit is placed away from the machine, illuminated via LED-lights in different colors, which can be operated and customised as desired.